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We are SHIR Capital.

A vertically integrated Real Estate Company with a NICHE focus in Multifamily Properties

Primary Business

SHIR Capital is a vertically integrated real estate investment group with a niche focus on Multifamily real estate. SHIR has done business in the Texas, Colorado, South Carolina and Pennsylvania markets, and seeks to expand throughout the United States. SHIR Capital and its related entities, Ava’s Construction and Nexus Signature Communities, collaborate with real estate investors to evaluate, acquire, reposition, manage, and create an exit strategy for each property based on its highest value and best use. SHIR Capital has a track record of repositioning its acquisitions to secure steady cash flow while maximizing upside potential for disposition.

Hotel Conversions

SHIR Capital carved out a secondary line of business in acquiring extended stay hotels that look and feel like garden style multifamily before COVID19.   Building on its momentum with hotel owners, SHIR has continued acquiring traditional hotels without kitchens. Hotels are the primary acquisition focus for SHIR Capital SHIR converts a standard 300 square foot hotel room without existing kitchens to Multifamily Communities with robust amenities. SHIR has a unique knowledge of what physical improvements are needed to adapt these assets that were not originally intended for communal living. SHIR has developed a strong track record in successful hotel conversions resulting in a growing network of debt and equity partners. SHIR scrutinizes multifamily entitlements and when not in place, works with municipalities to secure multifamily legal use that allow for affordable housing options for residents.

Vertical Integration


Nexus Signature Communities is a full-service property management company  providing a 24-hour point of contact for its tenants.  Strict attention is paid to preventative maintenance which is essential in reducing long-term costs.  Nexus has a focused attention given to coordination and scheduling of its make-ready process in order to reduce vacancy losses and maintain a streamlined move-in process.
Ava's Construction, LLC serves as a Construction Management company.  Ava's performs all construction and rehabilitation for SHIR Capital, assuring the utmost quality and oversight of renovation projects.  Due to its active involvement in these projects, Ava's creates and executes repositioning procedures, both before and through the construction rehabilitation process.  Ava's provides detailed reporting to its clients so that they are able to monitor every phase of construction and the costs involved.

Asset Management

Our team at SHIR Capital, in addition to providing timely reporting to our investors, digs deep inside our financials on a day-to-day basis to identify savings opportunities that on-site management generally does not monitor. We leverage our economies of scale to generate significant savings from utilities and insurance premiums, to material costs and other operational efficiencies. Our consistent monitoring of operations allows us to hone in on the inevitable variances of the business, and adjust our strategy proactively and timely, to ensure we under promise and over deliver on our business plan.


Our unique approach to sourcing new acquisitions is a method by which we identify off-market opportunities for our investors. Our team of Acquisition Specialists work tirelessly navigating through available database metrics, finding opportunities that many times, no other competitors know exist. Additionally, the relationships we’ve built over years with real estate brokers and property owners in our target markets affords us further opportunity to see all the potential acquisitions available in a timely manner.

Financial Reporting

We provide quarterly statements to our investors that include the income statement, current balance sheet and data on trends from occupancy to delinquency among other relevant information. Additionally, during the renovation process, we provide detailed progress reports and photos of the work performed. Through our related property management company, Nexus Signature Communities, we use web-based property management and financial reporting software to track and record all the financial activity.

Revenue Management

Driving revenue is where we want our Property Management team to focus a majority of their efforts. We closely monitor backend analytics that measure traffic, leads, sources, competitor activity as well as internal performance to help determine our pricing, specials, and target market. A search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is developed for each community to maximize results from this unique insight.